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  There are 920 designs in " covermaterial product gallery", and 130designs in "specialty-paper product gallery". Please choose the model and item number you want, and let us know how we can help you. Your inquiry and comment would be much appreciated.
■ Wing Wing's commitment
Since founded in 1969, WingWing has developed its advanced technology in the premium covermaterials & final products for over 40years.
Technology and Innovation are the core of WingWing's entire product line.
Our commitment to ongoing product development, driven by continuing advances in specialty-paper making and coating chemistry ensures change for the better.
■ WingWing's products
Products range from high-end covermaterials to digital sublimation transfer paper.
Our specialty papers support industries and consumers worldwide.
We provide value-added solutions to our customers' needs with advances in unique technology.
■ Marketing and production

WingWing Boorimworld.
Factory :98-2 Seolwun-dong, Pocheon-city, Kyunggi-do, Korea
Tel : 8231-542-6667,542-3092   Fax : 8231-542-3089
E-mail : boorim88@yahoo.co.kr
Shipping : Ms. Y.K Jung

Marketing Headquaters:
228-6 Nonhyun-dong, Kangnam-Ku, Seoul, Korea
Tel : 822-546-3956   Fax : 822-518-6937
E-mail : boorim88@yahoo.co.kr
ATTN : Mr. H.TAE / Ms. Y.J. Choi
ATTN : Ms.Boram Lee
ATTN : Ms.Y.T.Choi
Techincal support : Mr.M.J.Son (Covermaterial)
Techincal support : Mr.D.C.Lee (Sublimaion paper)