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What is Sublimation?
Dye Sublimation is transferring printed images from paper to a synthetic substrate(polyester or polyester coated) by the application of heat transfer.
In dye sublimation, heat-reactive dyes are printed onto a coated transfer paper. When these dyes are heated, they vaporize and permeate the surface objects before it returns to solid form. The result is an image, that doesn't fade or wear, crack, peel or wash away.

The Growing Market for Dye Sublimation
The digital sublimation market is experiencing strong growth and is distinguished by a variety of innovations generating new fields of application on a daily basis.
Dye Sublimation focuses on two primary areas, including sublimation to textiles/soft fabrics as well as rigid substrates, dye sublimation enables the production of items such as point-of-sale applications, banners, t-shirts, custom flags, license plates, snowboards and skis, athletic wear, towels, coffee mugs and promotional pieces.

- Colorfastness of Direct-to-Garment Inkjet-Printed T-Shirts
   The purpose of this research project was to compare the colorfastness of printed targets
   from five direct-to-garment inkjet printer manufacturers.

- Heat Transfer Machines Are One Hot Topic
   Exploring the choices in heat presses offers many choices. This will show the different
   types to find the right choice for your budget and application.

- The Venerable Vector Graphic - Supreme Sublimation
   With the power of vectors behind you, you can make everything from coasters to
   billboards. Using the powerful vector format in your arsenal will scale up your workflow to
   any size you want.

- Choosing the Right Sublimation Transfer Paper
   This article will provide objectivity for choosing the right sublimation transfer paper, based
   upon the insight of dye sublimation experts professional collective experience.

- Apparel Decorating Trends & Techniques for Digital and Sublimation Transfers
   Recent trends of a flat decorated garment market have created a small group of nimble
   companies that have strategically positioned themselves to introduce the world to the
   short and micro runs of customized apparel.

- Imaged Fabric Adds a Touch of Class to Hum Drum Displays
   Fabric is findings its place in the trade show arena and beyond. Discover how this flexible,
   portable material fits into your business plan.

- Digital Fabric Printing Offers Something No Sign Shop Can Afford To Ignore :

   Have you explored the world of digital fabric printing? If not, then you could be missing out
   on one of the hottest trends in the sign industry today.