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Illusion 3Dsheet
Illusion PP-01 is a unique lens sheet, and it is manufactured by using a special process of arranging lenticular lenses into polypropylene sheet.

Using our patented technology, Illusion accomplishes the visual depth with three dimensional graphics, and it can be applied for numerous applications which call for such effects.

There is no need to have the extra packing material since Illusion PP-01 has rigid stiffness and thickness of 0.55mm. This material is ideal for making cases, panels, menus, pads, etc.
1. Characteristics
* Because of the patented process of UV printing onto Illusion PP-01 material, we only provide
   either the sheets or the final products after customizing them with customer's logo and/or design.
* Stain-, scratch-, water-resistant
* Unique visual effects
* Three-dimensional hologram with depth
2. Application
* Premium packaging: perfume, cosmetics, watch, accessories, wine & spirits, digital camera,
   mobile phone, portable media player, etc.
* Promotional items: mouse pad, folder, binder, menu, gift cards, Point-Of-Purchase advertising
   items, promotion pads, etc.
* Premium marketing: high-end merchandise advertisement or publicity piece
3.Business terms
* Only printed sheet or final product is avallable.
* Minimum quantity of order: Over 2,000 sheets.
* Price depends on quantity of order, printing conditions, printing methods, etc.
   Please inquire with your account representative.
* PP sheet: Dimensions of one sheet are 700mm x 900mm (Width x Length).
   The cutting of material is available according to buyer's specification.
* Basic price: C&F or FOB $1.70 per one printed sheet, inclusive of customer's design or logo.
* Printing conditions: UV printing, silk screen, foil stamping, etc.
* Note: Final quotation will be offered after design approval.