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  Wing Wing products can be classified as 8 brands - O2, Siduce, Texpaper(Fabric), Silk Skin & Memory, Papyrus, Sidus Point, Black & White Collection, Sublimation Transfer Paper.
Each will carry unique characteristics according to application and marketing.
We serve
- Publishing : Textbook, Yearbook, Professional / Legal, Religious, Brochure
- Stationery : Diary, Album, Binder, Portfolio, Loose-leaf, Notebook cover
- Hospitality : Menu, Directory, Passport, Identitication, Deluxe Checkbook
- Interior : Decorative wallcovering, Point wall paper, Partition cover, Banner etc
- Premium packaging : Marketing / Display / Fancy.
                                   Mobile phone packaging, luxury shopping bag, luxury packaging (gift
                                   set, cosmetics, jewelry, chocolate, wine & spirits, golfball case
                                   and CD/DVD/game), sample book, art projects, slip cases, folding
                                   cartons, luxury cards, premium wrapping materials, catalog covers, etc
- Construction Materials : panel, molding, furniture, wall covering etc.
- Digital Transfer Printing : See "dye sublimation transfer paper".
The Wing Wing Advantages
(In View of marketing )
- There are over 920 designs and varieties of cover materials available to choose from.
- We can offer you a quicker turnaround in manufacturing customized cover material due to having the latest innovative technology in manufacturing.
- Your unique logo and picture can be printed onto all our brands with intricate detail and unsurpassed quality.
- All our brands are environmentally sound products using 100% pulp paper. Furthermore, our specially coated brands are treated with polyurethane.
- All our brands are non-toxic and safe to use even for food packaging.
- All our brands are treated with water repellents to provide superior protection from moisture.
- Buyer’s specifications cover material (for example, but not limited to, construction and furniture materials) can be manufactured if the minimum order requirement is met.
- Perfect protection of goods from duplicates or imitations.
(Anyone can not copy your case or box with unique covermaterial)
(In View of application)
- Wing Wing cover material plays a vital role in attracting the audience and making the first impression of the product that it helps to represent.
- Wing Wing cover material will make certain that your corporate image will last longer with its unprecedented durability, which contributes to prolonged exposure of your corporate image to the general public.
- Wing Wing cover material’s unique designs, versatile printing conditions and easy applicability will play a major role in ever-changing world of advertising.
- Cost effective way of advertising your brand image can be achieved with using premium cover materials.
- Wing Wing cover material’s overall value competitiveness cannot be understated.

- Certificate of non-toxic & friendly environment.

(KEMTI Certified) (SGS Certified)