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Technical Data
- Customization available with minimum order of 2,000m;
  Color, thickness, and /or base can be customized.
- Sheeting or slitting is available in all products.
  Manufacturing lead-time :
  Papyrus, O2, Siduce, Texpaper: about 7~10days
  Silk Skin, Memory: about 14~20 days
  Sidus pearlescent paper, Black & White Collection : 7~10days
  Dye sublimation transfer paper : about 7~20days
- Wing Wing cover materials are environmentally friendly and non-toxic.
O2 / Siduce
1. As a result of our continued effort in R & D to produce the most innovative cover material in the industry, we have developed the world's first revolutionary "One-Way Twin-Direct" technology. This patented technology integrates raw materials into the paper bonding process, whereby creating superior benchmark quality cover materials with visual and textural authenticity. Furthermore, this patented technology is environmentally sound since it uses fewer raw materials, and it also reduces production time up to 50 % and amount of waste from being produced.

2. The visual and textural likenesses of genuine leather were recreated with such benchmark quality on this specially coated cover material. With added twists using unique embossing and colors, such as Siduce Pearl model, your finished products will stand out from the rest of the crowd.

3. Printing Conditions : UV printing, silk screen printing, foil stamping, embossing and laser

1. The curling has been the biggest problem of conventional polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polyethylene (PE) based products, which also are the ingredients of Papyrus brand cover materials; however, the curling has been reduced to a minimum to provide excellent smoothness, weight balance and strength.

2. Papyrus brand, like all other WingWing brands, is non-toxic, and it can be used in countless applications, even for confectionary and baby product packaging, just to name a few. Furthermore, outer skin is coated with polyurethane, giving it a rich texture and excellent printing results.

3. There are Papyrus Standard and buyer's models to cater to all your needs; There are over 600 designs. Papyrus model can even be customized to handle high frequency bonding if the minimum order requirement is met.

4. Printing Conditions : UV printing, silk screen printing, foil stamping, embossing and high
    frequency bonding (minimum order requirement is 2,000 m.)

Silk Skin and Memory
1. Silk Skin's unparalleled smooth and soft textures are preserved by applying premium grade satin suede onto the cover material using the "One-Way Twin-Direct" technology.

2. Memory was created by using the "One-Way Twin-Direct" technology, whereby applying special polyurethane coating onto the surface of premium grade satin suede cover material. Its antique look and rich texture, as well as dual-colored surface, will make sure that your brand image will be in a class by itself.

3. Clean finish and durability of Silk Skin & Memory are ideal for computer embroidery and other various needlework designs applied directly onto the cover material.

4. Printing Conditions : Computer embroidery, silk screen printing, heat burnishing, foil stamping and embossing

1. Texpaper is an environmentally sound model, and it is produced by applying 100 % cotton with reinterpreted water-based pigment designs onto the cover material using the "Twin-Direct" technology.

2. Because of Texpaper's all water-based pigments, which is the key in absorbing the ink, no other natural cotton based cover materials can accept and handle printing conditions, such as UV printing and offset printing, like Texpaper can.

3. 100 % cotton based Texpaper is ideal for jobs requiring utmost durability, and since the cotton is pre-dyed Texpaper boasts long lasting color that does not bleed under normal conditions.

4. There are six models :
   a. Plain: base model which can accept offset printing.
   b. Dream: Plain model with pearl finish.
   c. Twinkle: Plain model with sprinkle effect.
   d. Moon: Plain model retreated with non-glossy pigment.
   e. Moon Star: Moon model with sprinkle effect.
   f. Daybreak: Plain model retreated with a tad of glossy pigment(half glossy)

5. Printing Conditions : UV printing, computer embroidery, silk screen printing, foil stamping,
    embossing and offset printing.

Sidus Point
They are a pearl-coated embossing papers from on machine with various colors and patterns, and intended to meet "Luxury and Economy" in a number of applications.
They will be the best choice when your products require a luxurious or distinctive covering material at a competitive cost.

1. A special covering and lining papers
For desk diary, stationery, luxury packaging, box wrap, shopping bag, gift wrap, envelope, book binding, greeting cards, catalogs, display boxes, and all kinds of customer's purposes.

2. 104 stocked colors and a multitude of finishes
Available to meet the needs of designers, specifiers and manufacturers.

3. Characteristics
-> Elegant and unique - fashioned design with embossed face.
-> Over 70% of surface is dyed, which leads to excellent finished product, especially on
     cutting edge side.
-> Moisture, scratch & stain resistance with nice feel touch.
-> Exhibits an excellent adhesive characteristic.
-> Customerization
     Company logo, characters, exclusive designs etc can be manufactured on paper itself.

4. Printing conditions : UV printing, foil stamping, silk screen, quick-drying ink offset.

5. Specification
    Unique design of 8 colors, 13 exciting patterns.
    High strength paper with surface abrasion resistance
    color difference may happen in production lot.
    Available in a number of applications.