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  We are a leading manufacturer and converter of fine cloth and specialty fiber-based materials and dye sublimation transfer paper.
Our products, which are classified by 9 kind brands, can provide value-added solution to our customer's needs for premium cover materials and sublimation paper.
We are carrying 920 covermaterial designs as well as final products thereby.
■ Our business lines are

- Wing Wing cover materials
O2 / Siduce model with excellent characteristics.
Texpaper(Fabric), Silk Skin&Memory with unigue design.
Papyrus with low price, 660 designs accompanied.

- Wing Wing specialty paper
Sidus Point pearlescent paper with 104 designs.
Black paper & White pearlpaper collection with 38 patterns.
Dye sublimation transfer paper coated as one function.

- Designed shopping bag
High quality & premium bag by wing wing products.
No stain, no scratch and moisture resistant.
Superior visual feel unlike the conventional paper bag made with sub par materials.

- Final products with premium materials.
Taking advantages of Wing Wing cover materials, we have been supplying a number of final products thereby to valuable customers who want to rise in their brand images and sales.