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  Established in 1969, we are a leading manufacturer of digital sublimation transfer paper, quality cloth and paper products for turned edge application. We specialize in supplying "premium cover materials and its related design" as well as on demand and all turned edge binding. The importance of cover design cannot be emphasized too much. This is a premium planning item especially suitable for covers or packing cases that are designed in a premium class or used for long term.
The value of the product depends on design.
The cover and wrapping design are the first tools to attract attention from customers. It is a necessary and important factor of your product value evaluation just like oxygen (02), that all the creatures must have.
Wing-Wing products will give distinctive oxygen (02) to your products with 600 various design for emphasized premium cover design, in order to share creative and friendly design value that cannot be expressed by ordinary paper materials.
Ever since papyrus paper appeared in ancient Egypt in the 5th dynasty, most cover materials have been limited to papers or gold and silver foil up to date, and most designers accept this naturally. Wing-Wing premium material is born to be used for minor creative designers who want "more friendly design for human beings, visually satisfying design for human beings, design that can stimulate the senses of humans."
These dreams for the designers must come true and this was also the dream of the Wing-Wing family.
Especially Twin-direct Technology eliminates the obstacle to creative designs. The world first sensational technology will expand application fields infinitely as well as various printing conditions acceptable.
"To become the standard of cover material" -For this, the sweat and passion of Wing-Wing technicians for 37years could develop "the product that clients themselves cannot resist to admit, and the product that clients themselves do not hesitate to recommend" as the first time in the world, and our company's challenge will go on for beautiful value innovation.